April 12-16, 2021

Stripling Spotlight Fundraiser

Benefitting Art, Athletics, Band, Choir, JCC, Orchestra & Theater

What is the Annual Spotlight Fundraiser?

The annual Stripling Spotlight Fundraiser is typically a full evening of entertainment. This year, we are hosting Spotlight virtually and for an entire week! This event is a celebration of extraordinary performances designed to showcase student talent while working (hard) to raise money for our extracurricular activities. Spotlight is hosted by the SMS PTA alongside SMS elective teachers.

Why Donate to Spotlight?

The biggest reason to donate to Spotlight is that 100% of money raised during Spotlight events directly benefits our amazing extracurricular programs.

Spotlight Fundraising Goal, 2020/21: $10,000

Please consider making a donation of any amount to help all of our SMS students. You can make a general donation to all of our extracurricular participants using the link below OR you can donate to specific department. For more information on department fundraising goals + links to donate, simply click on the program options below.


A donation to the Art Department will go towards art supplies and a button maker.


Athletics is raising funds for new backboards for the gym, additional home gym systems for student athletes, dumbbell/kettlebell sets, and weight sleds.


Your donation to the Band will go towards the purchase of mouthpieces, Foundation for Superior Performance blue books, videographer fees, competition fees, band binders, sticks and mallets, and band shirts.


A donation to choir will go towards professional clinicians, sheet music, and professional practice tracks for students.


JCC is aiming to purchase JCC is raising money to purchase JCC Jackets, Drone Kits and Raspberry Pi kits.


Orchestra hopes to raise enough to fund spirit shirts, rosin, strings, and sheet music for the classroom.


Theater is striving to purchase 5 Chauvet DJ EVE E-50Z Ellipsoidal Spotlights for the auditorium.


The SMS PTA community is updating the courtyard area. We would like to purchase bike racks, tables, trash cans and update the landscape.

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

The SMS PTA believes that each of us has a purpose and our very own yellow brick road. It is the path we walk as we journey through life.

The experiences we face are sometimes challenging, often joyful, and nearly always require us to make a choice in how we proceed. We love that every day is full of new possibilities, new experiences and new lessons to be learned.

At Stripling, our students are challenged every day to discover their intellect, heart and courage.

The goal of this year's Stripling Spotlight is to bring together and showcase these outstanding characteristics through visual performance, artistic expression and physical movement.

Thank you for attending the 2020/21 Virtual Stripling Spotlight!