Program Announcements from Coach McDaniel

We are extremely proud of how our Stripling athletes have adapted to this new norm for sports this school year. They have stayed positive and worked hard to overcome obstacles.

Right now, we are working on preparing students for the next level of their athletic career, and determined to help them succeed as a student athlete.

Spotlight Live Games (Students vs. Teachers)

Faculty Athletes

Señor Henderson, Spanish

Mrs. Truman, Social Studies

Ms. Simmons, RISE

Mr. Weesner, Theater

Coach Hill, Social Studies

Mr. Heitt, Science / Biology

Mrs. Niehoff, Science & Math

Coach Bailey, Social Studies

Mr. Boswell, Social Studies & ELA/R

Mr. Rodriguez, Band

Mrs. Kiehl, Math / Algebra

Ms. Flores, PE

Coach Parker, Inclusion

Coach Diehl, ISS/OCI

Coach McDaniel, PE/Health/Athletics

Student Athletes

Morgan Garrett

Alexa Cardona

Olivia Villanueva

Kevin Alvizo

Jack Henley

Omar Mohamed

Matthew Rodriguez

Isabelle Rodriguez

Ricardo Casso

Kiely Ross

Alex Flores

Aden Weimer

Jacob Watson

Mya Young

Apronis Matzen

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