Program Announcements from Mr. Rodriguez

I want to thank the students, parents, teachers, and our Stripling administration. My students could not have accomplished the milestones we have this year without your support.

This will be the first year in schools history that our Stripling Band Program will enter as a Varsity group for the UIL Assessment on April 21-28. Two years ago, in 2019, the SMS Band received their first sweepstakes as a Non-varsity group, and this year our goal is to win our first sweepstakes in schools history as a Varsity group.

The music we performed for this Spotlight event, and are going to perform for UIL are:

Andalucia - by Victor Lopez

As Twilight Falls - by Robert Sheldon

Japanese Pictures - by Kevin Mixon

I am very proud of how far our students have come with all the challenges of COVID this year. This virus seemed to pose challenges every day for our band due to various restrictions and many our students being virtual, however, our students have not let that slow them down.

I'm very honored to be their band director and am the luckiest band director in the world to have the opportunity to teach at Stripling MS with phenomenal students!

Spotlight Performance Video

If I ever go LOOKING for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own BACK YARD.

Where would we be without music in the world? Music soothes the soul, uplifts spirits, and creates harmonious beauty for all to enjoy.

Band takes tremendous time dedication, discipline to bring together a large group and have them perform as one unit.

We owe so much gratitude to Mr. Rodriguez for his hard work and dedication to our band students.

The first mini performance /recording in the auditorium for the 2020/21 school year happened in April!