Program Announcements from Mrs. Flores

Choir is working towards going to UIL and FWISD Music Festival at the end of April, and your students have brought 'work ethic' to another level this year!

All of my choir students have been working so hard without complaint to achieve their goals of creating a musical experience, in spite of a pandemic.

It has been an honor to watch your students grow this year and make music and fun memories every day. I truly cannot thank you all enough for your Choir support. It helps your students more than you know!

Spotlight Performance Video

It's not WHERE YOU GO, it's WHO YOU MEET along the way.

Annie Jr. Musical, Fall 2018

Frozen Jr. Musical, Fall 2019

Show Choir Holiday Production, 2019

6th Grade Boys Choir, UIL 2020

Classroom Fun Friday!

Choir Luau Day, March 2021

Choir or Zumba? You never know!

Choir Rules: Have fun! No judging! Never give up!