SMS PTA: Courtyard Update, Phase I

The Stripling Middle School courtyard is located along the side of the school near to the outdoor gym. This large outdoor space holds significant potential, but unfortunately has become rundown over the years. It’s time for a refresh!

There are three main reasons the SMS PTA seeks to revitalize the courtyard are:

  • Ensure students have access to a joyful and artful outdoor environment

  • Integrate the arts and other subject areas through an outdoor classroom space

  • Continue our mission of teaching the whole child

We believe that outdoor learning is powerful motivator for students because they become connected to their environment and their learning. This connection empowers them through a sense of achievement and wonder. In turn, it inspires them to want to learn more, create more, and do more! This builds the foundation for respect and lifelong learning. It is our responsibility as parents and educators to instill this momentum in our young scholars, and we believe this outdoor learning space will help us to do that.

Our goal, with your help, for the first phase of this renovation project is to update the broken outdoor furniture, install new bike racks, and add more trash receptacles.

  • 2 rectangle ADA compliant tables ($1,715.00 total) install $534.00

  • 2 square picnic tables ($1673.00 total) install $523

  • Bike rack ($350-$530 each) install $109-164

  • Metal trash cans ($864 each x 2) install $263

We would also like to add drought tolerant, native plants to the flowerpots (Spring-Fall 2021). The SMS PTA also intends to work with Principal Chritian on providing supplies for a new student mural (Spring-Summer 2021).

As more funding becomes available, we would like to evaluate the addition of a pergola, walkway, seating areas and student artwork.

Current Courtyard Furniture

Current bike rack

Current ADA compliant table

Current courtyard mural & existing vegetation

Current courtyard view

Proposed Courtyard Furniture Upgrades

Proposed Bike Rack

4 Hump Bike Rack (9 bikes): $348 + $109 installation

6 Hump Bike Rack (11 bikes): $524 + $164 installation

Proposed Metal Trash Can w/ Side Opening

Total Cost: $834 each

Installation: $263

*The SMS PTA is still researching trash can options. Finished product color will be black.

Proposed Rectangular Table - ADA Accessible

8-foot (6ft seats) - Accessible on one end

Galvanized Tubing with Power Coat Finish

Colors: Black & Yellow

Total Cost (2 tables): $1,715

Installation: $534

Finished table color will be yellow / black

Proposed Square Tables

46-inch square top

Galvanized with Powder Coat Finish

Colors: Black & Yellow

Total Cost (2 tables): $1,673

Installation: $523

Finished table color will be yellow / black