Program Announcements from Mr. Weesner

Despite the craziness of the pandemic, we are having fun and making theatre magic.

This year has been a time of learning all about video production including camera angles and green screens.

We are looking forward to partnering with choir to produce an end of year digital Musical Review! Can’t wait to see you all in person in the fall!

Cast List:

Host - William Pinnell

Co-Host - Maddison Chavez

Peter - Connor Stephenson

Lou- Connor Maxon

Ella - Josie Juarez

Cameron - Lyla Castro

Joe (Jolene) - Drew Ellis

Pascal - Gabriella Guerrero

Tash - Nicholas Cotton

Marvin - Maxwell Stewart

Sahra - Brigido Garcia

Reagan - Elise Lund

Alison - Sophia Jones

Torrance - Apronis Matzen

Neima - Addison Aguiilar

Anna - Madeleine Perry

Toby - Ollie Norris

Jamal - Samuel Garcia

Rachel - Anjali Ferguson

Andrew - Trinity Carlton

Jeff - Jonah Castro

Uder - Isa Rodriguez

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